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Straight Talk Program


The Straight Talk Program, Inc. offers a mentoring program for youth, adults and families. Our mentoring program includes, but is not limited to the following services:

Elementary, High-school, College and Adults

1) One on one assessment of the individual needs of youth and adults.

2) Evaluation of Educational and vocational options to insure success.

3) Social Skills are necessary for a strong communication line between business owners,

community leaders and family.

4) Life Coaching provides encouragement; to youth, adults and families to help set achievable


5) Youth, adults and families need positive role models, in order to inspire them to do great things

in their own lives.

6) Civic engagement gives youth and adults an opportunity to get involved with community causes that build healthy societies.

Mobile Speakers Bureau/Speaker Panel

Through our mobile speaker's bureau we engage formerly incarcerated people and the community in dialogue forums that address crime prevention, intervention, and deterrence.

Prevention: Straight Talk speakers have learned the power of choice. They candidly share their experiences with poor choices and better choices, and examine the consequences of each. Their powerful stories motivate others to consider the likely outcomes of choices before making them.

Intervention: Straight Talk speakers offer hope to first-time offenders by presenting an opportunity to change their lives by changing their choices. First-time offenders thus experience a life interruption that provides an opportunity to weigh the consequences before continuing their destructive behaviors.

Deterrent: Straight Talk deters negative behaviors in at-risk individuals by instilling the desire for a better way of life. Through conversation, experience, and example, speakers introduce a different vantage point to those who are at-risk of choosing criminality as a lifestyle.

Community Service Opportunities

The Straight Talk Program offers the following community services:

1) Volunteer Programs and Court Approve Community Service

2) Internship Programs from High school to College Graduate


3) Local Partnership Affiliations

Community Activities

We provide opportunities for at-risk youth to engage in positive activities to develop an understanding of their own self- worth.

Getting involved in giving back at Social Events, Community Outreach and to others who need activities that lead to making better decisions that lead to positive outcomes 

Adult Records

Straight Talk Program, Inc. provides ex-offenders with attorney-referral services, (pro bono and free expunging clinics) for the sealing of adult criminal arrest and convictions. This process can be time consuming but it is well worth the effort.

Juvenile Records

Straight Talk Program, Inc. helps juvenile offenders to get their arrest records sealed. This process prevents juvenile convictions from appearing on their arrest history. 

Antonio Carrion in a photo taken for his Sports Illustrated profile while still in high school. Former Dorsey Football star Antonio Carrion was once considered to be the best wide receiver in southern California and the nation. His battle with Bipolar Paranoid Schizophrenia led him to homelessness and the Criminal Justice System, showing the lack of institutional resources put in place for people living with mental illness. -- Thank You Phyllis McNeal Straight Talk for helping us back to wellness...